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Women's Line

Women's Line offers services to people who identify themselves as girls or women and have experienced violence or abuse, or threat of violence or abuse, and to those close to them. We are here for you. You can call us, use our chat service or send us a letter online. It’s free and anonymous, and the women on call are trained volunteers. We also organise support groups online and face-to-face in Helsinki.

We are in the process of translating our website into English. Currently the services available in English are:

  • phone service 0800 02400 on Fridays 4pm to 8pm

You can also leave us a feedback form if you have questions about our services. Please fill in your contact details if you'd like us to get in touch with you.

Online letter service has been temporarily closed

Our online letter service has been temporarily closed due to a high number of requests. We are unable to receive new online letters at this time.

Letters that have already been sent can still be retrieved by following the “read our response” link below. You can still call us: 0800 02400 on Fridays from 4pm to 8pm.

Service instructions

  1. Click the "Write a new letter" button. The system will create you an access key and an access password. Write them down.

  2. Write your letter in the "Letter content" field. Giving your letter a title is optional.

  3. When you're ready, click "Send". We will write you a reply in at most 21 days, usually in about 7 days. We reply to every single letter we get.

  4. When you come back, you can access the response by clicking the "Read your response" button and typing in your access key and access password. The letters and responses will be automatically deleted after a year.

Forgot password?

I have forgotten my access key or or my access password - what can I do? Don't worry, we still have your letter and the response we wrote. Write us a new online letter with a brief description of what your earlier letter was about. Any detail you mention helps us identify the correct letter. When we're sure the letters match we can post the same response to your new letter that we wrote to your original letter.

Give us feedback

Would you like to submit feedback on the service or on the response you received? Please use the feedback form below. You can submit feedback anonymously. However, if you'd like us to reply to your feedback, please leave your contact details.

Give us feedback